Here’s a very good and simple explanation of why Georgie Porgie can’t win SYG.

The Hinky Meter

Irrespective of which of the myriad of versions George Zimmerman has given on the events that led to him shooting Trayvon Martin dead and which you want to hang your hat on, not a single one of them equates to a successful Stand Your Ground defense.  The reason I feel confident in saying that is that the Florida Stand Your Ground law is a DEFENSIVE law which allows both for the Castle Doctrine (protecting yourself and any other occupants of your house or vehicle from an intruder), and when not in your home allowing you, as long as you have an issued Conceal Carry License (CCL) to “stand your ground” (i.e. not have to flee) when someone threatens your life or someone else’s and deadly force is required.  Unfortunately, for every single one of George Zimmerman’s versions of what occurred the night he shot Trayvon Martin, not a single one…

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